Monday, 24 September 2012

Moths of the Lot: part III

Just a few more from this summer's trip to SW France to brighten the already dank days of autumn.

Six-belted Clearwing

Six-belted Clearwing (Bembecia ichneumoniformis)

Broad-bordered Bee Hawkmoth

Broad-bordered Bee Hawkmoth (Hemaris fuciformis)

Frosted Yellow

Frosted Yellow (Isturgia limbaria)

Cloaked Carpet

Cloaked Carpet  (Euphyia biangulata)

Spurge Hawkmoth

Spurge Hawkmoth (Hyles euphorbiae)

Large Dark Prominent

Large Dark Prominent (Notodonta torva)

Tawny Prominent

Tawny Prominent (Harpyia milhauseri)

Pine-tree Lappet

Pine-tree Lappet (Dendrolimus pini)


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A few from the Autumnal cast

The nights are certainly drawing in now leading to much cooler temperatures.  The trap is slowing down but at least new for year species are still being added to the garden list as the cast of autumnal moths takes over...

The images are not of a usual standard and a little bland as we are building an extension and I have temporarily lost my photo 'lab'.

Mallow (Larentia clavaria)

Red Underwing
Red Underwing (Catocala nupta)

Feathered Gothic
Feathered Gothic (Tholera decimalis)

Lunar Underwing
Lunar Underwing (Omphaloscelis lunosa)

Feathered Ranunculus
Feathered Ranunculus


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Ginger Funk

Is this the funkiest caterpillar, quite possibly.

My kids found it at school yesterday and Christened it "Ginger Funk",  a very apt name indeed.





Friday, 7 September 2012

Moths of the Lot: part II

Laptop back working now and happily connecting to the internet, so here's another few moths from the holiday in SW France...

Beautiful Marbled
Beautiful Marbled (Eublemma purpurina)

Calybites phasianipennella f. quadruplella
Calybites phasianipennella f. quadruplella

Evergestis limbata
Evergestis limbata

Passenger (Dysgonia algira)

Pyrausta sanguinalis
Pyrausta sanguinalis

Portland Ribbon Wave
Portland Ribbon Wave (Idaea degeneraria)

Drymonia querna
Drymonia querna

Shoulder-striped Clover
Shoulder-striped Clover (Heliothis maritima)