Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Another pleasant surprise

Quite a few unexpected species been turning up in the back garden of late, the latest of which is new to the garden list - Toadflax Brocade (Calophasia lunula).

Toadflax Brocade (Calophasia lunula)

Monday, 26 August 2013

A new Carpet

On a pleasant walk in woodland near home yesterday and yet another accidental find of a new moth for me - White-banded Carpet (Spargania luctuata).

Somewhat of a Kent woodland speciality but still great to bag a new one.

White-banded Carpet (Spargania luctuata)

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Tri-Pug try out...

Three Pug species added themselves to the garden year list over recent days and thankfully didn't take hours and hours to sort, unlike many of their congeners...

Cypress Pug (Eupithecia phoeniceata)
Cypress Pug (Eupithecia phoeniceata)

White-spotted Pug (Eupithecia tripunctaria)
White-spotted Pug (Eupithecia tripunctaria)

Bordered Pug (Eupithecia succenturiata)
Bordered Pug (Eupithecia succenturiata)

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Moth of Kent or Kentish Moth?

Just a play on the age old conundrum for those born in the Garden of England that is, are you a Man (or Maiden) of Kent or a Kentish Man (or Maiden).

These two just lend themselves to this wordplay and they're good looking moths to boot: the first is Kent Black Arches and the second is a Black Arches from Kent...

Kent Black Arches

Black Arches (Lymantria monacha)

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Moths of the Lot 2013: part I

A return trip to mothing heaven at Las Descargues in the Lot region of SW France yielded so many more amazing moths...many new for me an some new to the site too.

Euchromius bellus

Euchromius bellus

Spurge Hawk-moth (Hyles euphorbiae) and Plum Lappet (Odonestis pruni)

Spurge Hawk-moth and Plum Lappet

Many more to follow...