Saturday, 12 October 2013

Autumnal Assembly

It has been a good autumn so far at the garden trap, this just a chance to reflect on some if the beauties trapped thus far...

Brown-spot Pinion and Autumnal Rustic

Brown-spot Pinion (Agrochola litura) and Autumnal Rustic (Eugnorisma glareosa)

Brindled Green

Brindled Green (Dryobotodes eremita)

Beaded Chestnut

Beaded Chestnut (Agrochola lychnidis)

Sallow, Barred Sallow and Pink-barred Sallow

Pink-barred Sallow (Xanthia togata), Sallow (X. icteritia) and Barred Sallow (X. aurago)

Black Rustic

Black Rustic (Aporophyla nigra)

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Vestal variations

Well it is certainly turning out to be a pretty good autumn for migrant moths and I have managed to get in on the action a little too.

Had five Vestal over the last three days, showing the considerable variation in this beautiful species.

2 x Vestal (Rhodometra sacraria)

Vestal (Rhodometra sacraria)

Vestal (Rhodometra sacraria)

Vestal (Rhodometra sacraria)