Sunday, 4 March 2012

Another good weekend for early stage finds

Well the weather has certainly taken a turn for the worse for trapping, however managed to get out and about at the weekend on a other foray for early stages of micro moths, this time to Covert Wood.

A two-hour trip yielded the following:

Cedestis subfasciella: green larva, mine from tip to base (C. gyselleniella mines base to tip and  from April onwards)

Ocnerostoma friesei: Brown larva. Date helps separate from O. piniariella (as latter from April onwards)

Trifurcula immundella: egg cases observed in field (with hand lens) on at least 3 mines to help separate from Leucoptera spartifoliella.

Agonopterix assimilella
: larval spinnings and feeding signs extremely numerous on Broom
Taleporia tubulosa - 3 cases


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  1. A couple of interesting ones to look out for on conifers - thanks Dave.