Monday, 28 May 2012

Of Nets, Emeralds and Brass

Species and numbers to the garden trap responding very well to the summer-like conditions, with many new for year over the weekend.  Star of the show, undoubtedly, Netted Pug:

Netted Pug (Eupithecia venosata)

Catch report, back garden, East Kent, 27th May 2012

Tinea trinotella - 3
Epiblema cynosbatella
LBAM - 12
Endrosis sarcitrella - 4
Eudonia angustea - 5
Agonpterix arenella
Burnished Brass
Burnished Brass (Diachrysia chrysitis)
Treble-bar (Aplocera plagiata)
Green Carpet - 10
Fern - 3

Poplar Hawk-moth
Shuttle-shaped Dart - 5
Rustic Shoulder-knot - 2
Angle Shades
Common Carpet
Waved Umber
Treble Lines
Netted Pug
Muslin Moth
Bright-line Brown-eye

Common Swift - 7
Light Emerald
Light Emerald (Campaea margaritata)

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