Monday, 18 June 2012

Catching up

Things been going along a little better to the garden trap over recent days, a few more new for years as the garden year total creeps towards 150.  Still much better results on daytime and dusking searches, particularly with micros, with regular updates on the sister blog:

Some of the recent new for year species:

Heart and Club
Heart and Club (Agrotis clavis)

Dark Arches
Dark Arches (Apamea monoglypha)

May Highflyer
May Highflyer (Hydriomena impluviata)

Privet Hawk-moth
Privet Hawk-moth (Sphinx ligustri) (2)

Treble Brown Spot
Treble Brown Spot (Idaea trigeminata)

Double Square-spot
Double Square-spot (Xestia triangulum)

Some nice additions to the macro year list out and about too:

Burnet Companion
 Burnet Companion (Euclidia glyphica)

Bordered White
Bordered White (Bupalus piniaria)

Straw Dot
Straw Dot (Rivula sericealis)


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