Sunday, 17 February 2013

Slight improvement

Well the respite from really cold and wintry weather has seen a rise in the number of moths around with a few being added to the garden year list including Early Moth, Early Grey and Chestnut.

Early Moth

Early Moth (Theria primaria)

Early Grey

Early Grey (Xylocampa areola)

The most notable sighting though was of a significant flush of emergence of Dotted Border and Early Moth, with the blackthorn bushes by the house literally crawling with them two evenings ago.

Dotted Border (Agriopis marginaria) squadron

This was followed a night later by a flush of dozens of Agonopterix heracliana on the garden hedge, was fascinating to see so many at once.


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    1. Thanks for the kind comment.

      Just wish there were more moths around to photograph this spring...