Monday, 25 March 2013

Fifty not out for 2013

Well I have finally limped over the 50 species total for this year. although given the moth drought so far this year I mustn't grumble; even compared to the amazing March last year, it has only taken about an extra week to reach this milestone.

Of course the vast majority of this total are micros, which account for 80% thus far.  The latest species to push the figure on to 50 are: Elachista apicipunctella, Argyresthia brockeella and Epinotia immundana the only recent-ish macro addition being a single March Moth.

Elachista apicipunctella reared ex mine on Dactylis
Elachista apicipunctella

Argyresthia brockeella
Argyresthia brockeella

The key to this success is simple - early stage daytime searches (including the rearing through of some of these to confirm ID's).  Many of my trials and tribulations in this area are covered in more detail on my blog dedicated to micros:



  1. I'm heading down to Kent tomorrow evening for a week (Margate to be precise) is there much activity in traps down there at the moment? If so which light is best at the moment (Actinic or MBT)?

    My area (Milton Keynes) is dead for moths, largest count was 3 moths (all hebrew characters) and only about 5 species so far, really bad. bloomin' awful spring so far for me.

    1. No, same here, not worth trapping at the moment.

      Most of the species I've found this year have been from early stage searches. If you're up for that, you could do a lot worse than a trip to Fowlmead Country Park when you're down in East Kent.