Thursday, 9 May 2013

A nice mixed bag

The dominance at the trap of the Orthosia's is slowly waning and giving way to a more varied catch, the recent highlights including: Least Black Arches, Agonopterix purpurea, V-Pug and Scorched Carpet.

Least Black Arches (Nola confusalis)

Agonopterix purpurea

V-Pug (Chloroclystis v-ata)

Scorched Carpet (Ligdia adustata)

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  1. Hi Dave and many thanks for identifying the leatherjacket. I don't think retirement is going to improve my skills much...

    Thanks too for all your very helpful identifications of my moths. I just noted there that you'd reached 50 different ones this year but I now realise that this was way back in March! Sorry. I am not quite up to 40 in a month of trapping here, but I'm very happy with the number of 'new' moths which didn't come to Leeds

    all warm wishes