Monday, 22 July 2013

Cast or kettle?

In the English tradition of collective nouns, a group of hawks (yes, applied to birds but I've extrapolated) can be a kettle or a cast. It is safe to say I have certainly had a cast of Hawk-moths in the garden this year, with many nights with multiples of several species in the trap.

Pine Hawk-moth (Hyloicus pinastri) with Elephant Hawk-moths (Deilephila elpenor)

Lime Hawk-moth (Mimas tiliae) and Privet Hawk-moths (Sphinx ligustri)

Poplar Hawk-moths (Laothoe populi)

Eyed Hawk-moth (Smerinthus ocellata)

Elephant Hawk-moth (Deilephila elpenor)

Lime Hawk-moth (Mimas tiliae) f. brunnea

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