Sunday, 16 November 2014

A different sort of Welsh miner: Wales trip - Part II

Following on from last week's post - Wales Trip: Part I - there were also lots of miners to be found around the lovely cottage at Cefn y Waun.  Here's a few from the list:

Stigmella myrtilella on Bilberry
Stigmella myrtillella

Stigmella sorbi on Rowan
Stigmella sorbi leaf mine

Stigmella magdalenae on Rowan
Stigmella magdalenae leaf mine

Phyllonorycter sorbi on Rowan
Phyllonorycter sorbi leaf mine

Stigmella nylandriella on Rowan
Stigmella nylandriella leaf mine

Heliozela resplendella on Alder
Heliozela resplendella

Heliozela hammoniella on Birch
Heliozela hammoniella

Very different to what most people think of in relation to Welsh miners:

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