Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Four Footmen and more

Another great night at the garden trap on 23rd July; a few left to confirm but currently 386 moths of 78 species.  Crambids and Footmen posting the big numbers and four species of the latter group:

Rosy Footman
Rosy Footman (Miltochrista miniata)

Scarce Footman
Scarce Footman (Eilema complana)

Dingy Footman
Dingy Footman (Eilema griseola)

Common Footman
Common Footman

A few more images from recent nights:

Yellow-tail (Euproctis similis)

Brown-tail (Euproctis chrysorrhoea)

Dusky Sallow
Dusky Sallow (Eremobia ochroleuca)

There were two very obvious highlights but need to wait for it to cool down before I can get any images so they will have to wait to a subsequent post...


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