Saturday, 7 July 2012

In the 70's

Not  a reference to the decade that fashion forgot but to a run of three consecutive nights with over 70 species to the garden trap.

What fascinates me too about this is that it is far from the same 70+ species each night, of course there's a core of about 50 or so 'usual suspects' - Heart and Dart, Dark Arches, Common Footman, Chrysoteuchia culmella etc etc - but there is great variation on top of this.

The beauty of MapMate is that I can readily tell what has been going on and quick analysis shows that for these three species-rich, Halcyon days there have been a total of 138 species in the garden which has of course helped to push the garden year list on very nicely to 264 species (all stages).

Highlights of late include:

 Festoon (Apoda limacodes)

 Four-dotted Footman (new to the garden) Four-dotted Footman f. flava (Cybosia mesomella) (2)

Sciota adelphella (also new to the garden) Sciota adelphella

 Ruddy Carpet
Ruddy Carpet (Catarhoe rubidata)

Ethmia terminella (a lifer)
Ethmia terminella


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